Genco Warranty Information

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Genco Manufacturing, Inc., Garnett, KS 66032 warranty is conditioned upon Genco being informed by the purchaser within 30 days after any defects have been discovered and the returning of all defective material to the dealer within the warranty period. To obtain this warranty, registration must be completed within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Genco Manufacturing, Inc.’s liability is limited, at Genco’s decision, to repair or replace with equivalent parts or products. Deemed warranty issues will be handled within a reasonable time once the truck bed or defective part(s) have been returned to a Genco facility or authorized Genco dealer.

Prior authorization or written consent from Genco Manufacturing, Inc. will be required before the repairing or replacing of any components on the truck beds are made, in order for a dealer or owner to qualify for reimbursement under this warranty. Pictures of the defects may be requested before receiving approval from Genco Manufacturing, Inc. and any part(s) returned to a Genco location for warranty must be sent by pre-paid freight.

Genco Manufacturing, Inc.’s warranty will cover defects arising from normal use in only the original components of the truck beds that were part of the original factory shipment for 1 year. Per the discretion of the manufacturer, these components can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lights
  • Light Harness Connectors
  • Hitch Balls Hinges
  • Mud Flaps Latches & Locks
  • Bed Stakes or Stake Racks


Genco Manufacturing, Inc. reserves the right to decide if any material and/or workmanship defects require servicing or replacing. To the original retail purchaser, the structure of Genco’s Truck Beds is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship arising from normal use for 1 years from the date of purchase/shipment.

Any Genco Truck Bed confirmed by Genco Manufacturing, Inc. to have defective material or workmanship must be serviced/repaired at a Genco facility or representative authorized by Genco Manufacturing, Inc. Under this warranty, authorized representatives will be allowed to perform repairs and replacements once costs have been agreed upon and approved by Genco Manufacturing, Inc. Reimbursements will not be received for repairs and replacements done without prior approval or performed by an unapproved representative.


Genco Manufacturing, Inc warrants its Truck Bed paint to be covered by a 1 year prorated warranty from the date of purchase or when the product is shipped from Genco Manufacturing, Inc’s facility, whichever occurs first. Genco Manufacturing, Inc. warrants its Truck Bed finishes to be consistent with industry standards with the exception of “normal use” and deterioration as a result of use, physical damage, or exposure. Such cases of these exceptions include chipping, scratching, fading, cracking, and damages caused by road salt, tar, pressure washing, or chemical reactions.

Areas where it is virtually impossible to receive complete paint or power coat coverage, for example where 2 or more metals meet, will still be considered consistent with industry standards and not covered by this warranty, even in the event of rust streaking.


Genco Manufacturing, Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by warranty breaches, both implied and/or expressed, nor for any incidental or consequential damages incurred on account of any defect to include loss of time, inconvenience, and loss of use. Genco Manufacturing, Inc. also has the right to declare the warranty void if any of the above information is found to be in violation.

This warranty is immediately voided when any of the following circumstances have occurred.

  • The selling of the truck bed or transferring from its original framework.
  • Modifications/alterations made to a truck bed from its original condition without prior authorization from Genco Manufacturing, Inc., including repairs and replacements.
  • Signs of collision, misuse/mishandling, overloading, negligence, lack of necessary maintenance, and/or being in contact with corrosive materials.
  • Improper installation of the truck bed and/or its components.
  • Installation by an unauthorized Genco representative.
  • Damages caused by improper loading and unloading.
  • Malfunctions or defects caused by misuse and/or poor maintenance.

Exclusions of Genco Manufacturing, Inc.’s warranty include but are not limited to installation, labor, freight, normal wear and tear, and transportation.

Transportation of any Genco Truck Bed to and/or from a dealer, or any approved Genco representative, will be strictly the responsibility of the dealer or truck bed owner. Genco Manufacturing, Inc. is not liable for any transportation costs and this warranty does not cover any of the following involved in the transportation process:

  • Loss of Time Inconvenience
  • Fuel Towing Charges
  • Loss/Damage to Personal Property
  • Lodging
  • Shipping Damage Loss of Wages
  • Loss of Vehicle Use


Within 30 days of purchase, the provided warranty card must be completed and returned to Genco Manufacturing, Inc., Garnett, KS 66032 to validate the warranty.

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